What Can a Brand Leverage on to grow online?

Are you finding it hard to break through the online success for your brand? With so many brand’s going digital, it’s very easy to find yourself doing a lot of talking online, but not see any growth from it. I had the honor of sharing some great tips & insights around : How to grow a brand online on Wednesday 6th May 2020 thanks to Africa Tweet Chat.

Feel free to drop your comments after reading this.Here is a bit of how the conversation went :

QUESTION 1 : What can a brand leverage on to grow online?

  • Understand the brand fully – WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY?

When it comes to understanding your brand fully you need to answer :
WHO – is your target audience
WHAT – do they do online & what kind of content do they consume online?
WHERE – is your target audience online?
WHEN – are they online?
WHY – should your target audience pay attention to you. (Unique Selling Point)
Something like this👇

  • Make the best out of your Analytics – Basically make use of all the reports you can generate from digital platforms.
  • Jump onto relevant Hashtags

We’ve probably all done this before, however just a tip, jump onto hashtags that align with your brand.Never jump onto a random hashtag just because you would like to reach many people.

What trending topics can you jump onto today from your trends list on twitter or google?

  • Work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Where do you rank when someone googles you or your company?

Speaking of which, when was the last time you Googled yourself. Do you like what you see? I’ve been struggling to ensure that my LinkedIn ranks first when someone google’s me, and guest what, I managed to. Challenge yourself too.

  • Get as many Customer Reviews as you can

Feedback is extremely important when it comes to marketing. So get as many reviews as possible & use them to market your brand. It helps consumers trust your brand. A tool you can use to collect and manage reviews is Google My Business. Feel free to explore it : https://www.google.com/business/

What else can you leverage on to grow a brand online?

  • Running Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Joining Online Communities
  • Telling your Brand story
  • Collaborating with Influencers
  • Running Digital Advertisements
  • Jumping onto Red Letter Days
  • Using polls around trends to get the audience point of view
  • Running User Generated Campaigns to find out consumer’s experience with your brand

QUESTION 2 : What does a brand need to understand to make the best out of their digital marketing?

  • Always have a goal. Don’t just drive without knowing where you’re going.
  • No brand targets EVERYBODY. Narrow down your audience.
  • It’s about the QUALITY of your content not the QUANTITY.

In short, have a strategy. Basically :

  • Know your goals
  • Develop Key Results to measure whether your goals are being achieved or not.
  • Understand your target audience fully.
    • Who is your audience?
    • When are they online?
    • Where are they online?
    • What type of content appeals to them?


If your business already has existing pages, with the reporting and insights tools on Facebook, you are able to know when people are online on your page & what time they are online. Below is a sample :


If your business does not have existing social media pages, through research you can find out which platforms your consumer is active on. Below is an example from : https://napoleoncat.com/stats/


If your business already has existing pages, with the reporting and insights tools on Facebook, you are able to know what kind of content your audience has been interacting with based on your communication. Below is a sample :

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

QUESTION 3 : How can analytics help a brand grow online?

Analytics helps you :

  • Set realistic goals.
  • Make decisions.
  • Segment your target audience
  • Understand where most of your online traffic is from – Platform wise.
  • Identify which Location people are visiting from ie. Kenya
  • Understand which Pages were visited the most

In short, analytics can help a brand :

  • Know WHAT is working & what’s not working.
  • Analyze WHY certain things are working & others are not.
  • Make critical business DECISIONS that tie to Marketing.
  • REPOSITION the brand better online.
  • Know who to TARGET with their communication.
  • Restrategize

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

QUESTION 4 : How can one determine which are the most viable hashtags to use for their brand?

  • By doing a Hashtag search on specific platforms to see how many people have used the hashtag.
  • Analyzing Trending hashtags
  • Hashtags related to the topic of discussion on a post

HASHTAG SEARCH : Using the search feature on Instagram, you can be able to know how many posts a specific hashtag has had over time as seen below :

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

QUESTION 5 : Name a few hashtag tracking tools?

Here is a sample of a tweet Binder report :

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

QUESTION 6 : How can a brand incorporate SEO into their marketing strategy?

By ensuring that they incorporate the use of Keywords and Search Terms in all their ONLINE communication.

  • Blogging for SEO
  • Social Media for SEO
  • Updating website content for SEO etc

By utilizing keywords and search terms in all your communication :

  • Keywords : Words that would ideally describe their brand. For instance, if Amazon as my business, 1 of the keywords I would have in my communication especially on my website is Online Shopping
  • Search Terms : Potential search terms their consumers would make ie. Online Shopping website

Try and think like your consumer, what would they ideally search for on a search engine? For instance what would people be searching for during this COVID-19 pandemic? (How to stay sane throughout the covid19 pandemic)
This is an article I wrote recently that is now ranking on page 4 of a google search.

Here is a link to the article : http://www.namlwash.com/how-to-stay-sane-throughout-the-covid-19-pandemic/

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

QUESTION 7 : How can a brand Leverage on Customer reviews to grow their brand online?

By using reviews to market since consumers look at reviews before making purchases
By using previous clients testimonials/reviews as content to market their products in a way to bring out :

  • “What their clients are saying”
  • “Why you should purchase or sign up for their products/services” and finding ways to repurpose it.

Think about it this way :

Have you ever bought something ONLINE? If yes, is customer reviews 1 of the things that convinced you to make the purchase?

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

QUESTION 8 : How can one come up with a digital marketing campaign to help them grow their brand online?

  • Thereafter, come up with different ways to bring the idea or theme to life. Ensure it is an idea that connects with your target audience & your brand.

An example of a big idea : TASTE THE FEELING.What comes to mind when you think of this? For me I think of : Quenching Thirst, Happiness etc And you?

Look at the creative ways Coca Cola brought the theme to life. Do you see some of the ideas you had thought about?

To read more insights from other people who contributed :

Well, that’s it. Thanks for reading. Until next time. 💃

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