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The world is currently facing an unprecedented challenge that is COVID-19 and this has affected our communities socially and economically. Nevertheless, people have leveraged the power of the internet and marketing to achieve great goals such as providing for the most vulnerable among-st us.  

Being one of the founder’s of a community based in Nairobi (Generation Why Community Based Organization), one of the things I really wondered when this whole pandemic began was, “Who is going to provide for the kids in children’s homes especially if they do not have constant donors?” It is with this in mind that we as Generation Why began a campaign to raise funds to provide for the children’s homes we work with.

We are running a campaign dubbed, “IT STARTS WITH YOU!” Why exactly that campaign name? Well, it’s because we believe that the only way we can achieve the main campaign goal is by involving each and every individual and encouraging each one that it is them who can help us reach our goal. The goal of the campaign is to raise KES. 20,000  per month for the children’s homes we support, and with your help, we can better a child’s life.

The closure of schools should not mean the stoppage of learning for these young ones. This is why we are currently raising funds to purchase learning materials for children in order to provide them with learning materials. ie. Pens, pencils, test papers etc. The availability of such learning material will help them continue revising as well as gaining knowledge even in this season of COVID-19, up until they open school.

We would like to request you to join us by donating any amount, big or small ( KES 50, 150, 200, 400  or any other amount)  that will go towards purchasing learning materials for these young ones.  All funds donated will go towards :

  • Providing basic needs for the children’s ie. Food, Clothing etc
  • Providing learning material for then children ie.
  • Test papers to revise with during this period. Especially for the Standard 8 candidates.
  • Stationery
  • Books etc

Remember, the satisfaction of giving is the joy of the recipient. Donate and bring joy to a child today in any of the children’s homes we work with. Your donation will go a long way towards making a great impact in the community together. More information around the campaign and how to give can be found here :

So far we have managed to raise slightly over KES 20,000 in just 3 weeks. We are overwhelmed by all the support you have offered us even as we raise this funds.Thank you so much. We look forward to raising even much more in order to fully provide some of the needs the children have.


Special thanks to the students at RE-D Learn for coming up with the Artworks and campaign name as well as running an amazing social media campaign on our handles.

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