Managing People: Working with Millennials

By 2020, Millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. Research says Millennials work as hard, if not harder than other generations, and are optimistic about their careers. But why do Employers find it hard to work with them? Why do this same employers view millennials as entitled? In my opinion, they view us millennials like this because we beat the traditional way of doing things. I mean small things like asking questions when we do not understand, rather that going to kill ourselves discovering, being able to say no when we have the right to among many other scenarios.

Tokeo la picha la mistakes when working with millenials
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Young Women in M.I.C.E

In the past few years, the MICE industry has gained popularity worldwide, owing to the increase in the frequency of the various events and meetings being organized globally, and Kenya has not been left behind.

At first, the majority of the people involved in this industry were mostly older people, however, at the moment we continue to see young people slowly getting in the event zone. Young people are now being involved as speakers, suppliers, moderators, exhibitors and among others. Over the past few years, Kenya has successfully hosted International meetings, conferences and exhibitions. According to Statistics by the Events Industry Council, the Tourism Industry is the largest employer of persons between 18 and 35 across the world. It is estimated that out of 10 persons within these age bracket, one of them works or has worked at a Tourism affiliated organization.

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Was it another test or just an interview?

What’s with this whole mentality that interviews should be difficult?

In my opinion an interview should be like a conversation (Just a first time meet and greet you know?) unless it’s an actual test for a technical job then okay. But even still, why so difficult? Some of this practical interviews are so difficult you even wonder how you were supposed to know this things,but the truth of the matter is THANK GOD YOU’RE NOT ALONE. There’s probably at least one person in that same interview who feels the same way you do!

What’s the point of this difficult interviews exactly?

Some people say it’s what differentiates the “chopis” from the rest. But how true is this? It’s not necessarily true that if you pass a difficult written test that you are way better/cleverer that the person who did not pass it . You might have been a clever student yes, but you could also just have been a great crammer or you might as well have a photographic memory.

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It’s Not You – It’s The Recruitment System

Hey guys,

Yes I am back with a whole new series on Frustrations of a Job seeker. Well, I don’t mean to sound like a pastor doing a series at church for the next few Sunday’s, but here it goes. Enjoy!!

Do you even for a minute understand how depressing it is for you to put your all into applying for jobs at God knows how many company’s, getting at least one interview and preparing for it only to never hear from them ever in your life is?

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Oh Boy Child!!

” Is male empowerment a conversation we will need to have in the near future? ”


I mean take the case of our own country Kenya,its all been about the “Girl Child” for a very long time to the extent that the “Boy Child” has been forgotten about until recently.In return this has led to women empowerment being at the forefront of everything especially when it comes to employment and education opportunities. Continue reading “Oh Boy Child!!”



How many times have you heard people say the youth need to be empowered?

Is this really true?And if so,who is meant to empower the youth?

Before you go ahead and get answers to the questions above,what exactly is youth empowerment?

It is the process where young people are encouraged to be on their toes and take control of their own lives and decisions they make.

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Personally I would propose the following solutions :

Improving of the Kenyan education system

Currently as a country,we are in the process of changing from the 8-4-4 system to a new system that is apparently supposed to be a lot better.But is it really?How about being more practical in teaching.In the past the 8-4-4 system has been that of cramming and remembering things as they are.When I look back to my life in school,I was not allowed to think outside the box.The teachers claimed that we were constrained by the syllabus.So by the time I finished school,I was more of a theory student than a practical one.

Preach entrepreneurship especially to the youth.

If you have been reading my previous posts,you would no that I am definitely not a sucker for entrepreneurship but seem like this is what will be the next best solution to employment.Why not have a few youth leaders or entrepreneurs come up with training sessions either paid or free to educate the youth on this?I am willing to help organize anyone that is ready to do this? (Just email me :

As youth strive to acquire as many skills as you can.

We have enough libraries in our country,as if that is not enough we also have access to the internet why not make the best out of it?There are so many online courses that one can do to acquire various skills.Our friend google is there as well for us to harass with questions.Oh! How can I forget YouTube?

Employers and the government should stop exploiting the youth.

Instead they should encourage the youth to keep applying for this opportunities.They should come up with more opportunities that will benefit the youth.Most of all they should stop exploiting the youth when it comes to growth and pay in the corporate world.This game of keeping people on internship for forever just so you don’t have to increase their pay has to stop!This other game of not promoting people even when they deserve it and when there is a vacancy should also stop.

Introduction of more programs/opportunities that will benefit the youth.

Let’s all come up with ideas and make this dream a reality.Personally when this year began,a friend of mine gave me a ready made organization that aims to benefit the youth.Hoping to grow his dream even more than he had by the time he gave it to me.

You can check it out here :

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