Adulting Ah! Am I Really Superwoman?

Oh guys!
I know I’ve been making lots of promises about writing and posting up my first YouTube channel video, but its about time I got real with you. Its been heavy. The content definitely was there but there’s just no time to write at all, but I finally decided to make time and that’s why this is up right now. So fasten your seat belts and enjoy the read.As some of you may know, I have been doing pretty terribly with my life aside from work. Not that I’m depressed or something, No! No! I am actually at a very happy point in my life. But in a nutshell, adulting is what’s been going on and I’ll tell you for free once again it ain’t easy. But I think I’ve made it past stage one of adulting lets hope it gets easier.

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Oh No! Another Internship?!

Anyone who at some point in their lives wore either a Scout’s uniform or a St. John’s uniform wanted to be a cop. Well, that was my first dream too lol! As time went by, I switched from that to a pathologist (to be like my mum) then to a doctor (for the fame that comes with being addressed as Dr. :-D) Finally, in high school, I met with the true love of my life, COMPUTERS. I was smitten and I’ve always been since then. Here’s my story… Continue reading “Oh No! Another Internship?!”