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The world is currently facing an unprecedented challenge that is COVID-19 and this has affected our communities socially and economically. Nevertheless, people have leveraged the power of the internet and marketing to achieve great goals such as providing for the most vulnerable among-st us.  

Being one of the founder’s of a community based in Nairobi (Generation Why Community Based Organization), one of the things I really wondered when this whole pandemic began was, “Who is going to provide for the kids in children’s homes especially if they do not have constant donors?” It is with this in mind that we as Generation Why began a campaign to raise funds to provide for the children’s homes we work with.

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Something New?

Hey Hey,

I know it has been an while yes, but I’m back!! Who knew adulting was this heavy? Well, I can proudly say I am now a bit settled in this adulting life but not quite there yet. Wondering what I’ve been up to? If you know me well, you probably know I’ve been doing a little bit of this and that but what matters the most is that I have a lot in store for you.

First things first as you might have discovered, I have my own website now. Woo-ooh! Ladies and gentlemen welcome to . Here is to a new journey of great content both here and on my YouTube channel.

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Knock! Knock!

Hey! Hey!

Happy New Year.I know I’m late yeah!Its almost the last day of the month but here I am still wishing people a happy new year.Well,I am just that type of Kenyan who might as well meet you in April and wish you a happy new year if I haven’t seen you since the year began.So guess what?You just have to take it.


First of all, I know its been so long since I posted.Life has just been happening!!(Only my friends would understand when I say that.)But I have good news. I’m back with a bang!

This year I will write more often.There will be a new post up every week.I really don’t want to start making specific  promises of day and time but I assure you that I will post once a week.(I’m serious by the way.I actually have like 8 posts lined up just waiting to polish them and put them up every week.)In case I am not able to post each week,you can be sure that I will not let it go past two weeks.Just giving this as a heads up cause weeh adulting isn’t even funny.But here I am trying.


Anyway away from all that, I have an update on the 1 Bob Collection Journey I had began last year.In case you have no idea what I’m talking about,click here.So far I have managed to collect 900 Kenya Shillings (In form of 1 Shilling coins) with the help of my friends.The journey continues,if you aren’t already on board what are you waiting for?

Just get in touch with me on my social media pages through the links at the end of this post.I will be giving an update at the end of every month in regard to how many coins I have managed to collect with the help of everybody and in the end this coins will be given to Cynthia(The friend of mine who came up with the whole idea of collecting them for her project of feeding street children in Nairobi.)

So come on!!Join in already.

In case you would like to write to me through my social media pages click below or simply write in the comment section of this post:





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Health is Wealth – Part 2

“Your health,Your responsibility”

Is this really true?I think health is everyone’s responsibility,not just an individuals.

So what exactly is your responsibility in regard to health?

On a personal level let’s start with trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthy.I don’t necessarily mean that you do not eat junk,but watch what you eat.Control your portions.Take lots of water.

Remember water is life.(This I am sure you have heard before so I won’t dwell much on it.)

Secondly,why not get yourself a medical insurance cover already.It could be your best shot?

“Medical Insurance ah!Hizo ni vitu za wadosi(Those are things for the rich).”

Is Medical insurance for the rich?
What exactly do you really know about Medical insurance?

How many Medical Insurance Agents approached you to talk about an insurance product they are offering and you have shut them out?

(If you have shut them out and you have a medical insurance cover maybe I can let that go.But for you who is reading this post and have shut out an insurance agent and you have no medical insurance was that really right?)
What if you gave them just a minute to try sell you the idea?

According to Wikipedia Insurance is a thing providing protection against a possible eventuality.

Do you think your ready for that?
Are you protected from a possible eventuality?⁠⁠⁠⁠

Here are a few examples of affordable health insurance products you can read about in the links at the bottom of this post:

  1. NHIF(National Hospital Insurance Fund) – is the primary provider of health insurance in Kenya with a mandate to enable all Kenyans to access quality and affordable health services.
  2. M-TIBA – is a service on your mobile phone that allows anyone to send, save and spend funds specifically for medical treatment.

Can organizations that employ citizens of a country play a role as well?

Yes they can.What if organizations offered insurance services to their employees and met a certain amount of the cost and then let the employee met the remainder of it?

That would be great help for many people and maybe it would encourage more people to get health insurance.

Since everyone has a role in this conversation,how then can the government help improve the quality of healthcare her citizens receive?

We as Kenyans would do a lot better if we got quality healthcare services.

Think about it,why does a public hospital have to be different from a private one?Why can’t both offer the same quality of services?(I don’t necessarily mean all of them differ)

Enough of this repainting of walls and building of new gates and planting of beautiful flower beds and all the other things that are done with the aim of “Improving a healthcare facility.”

Why cant we aim at improving the quality of healthcare being offered to each citizen?

Personally I’m tired.In fact I’m fed up of all this.

How hard is it for the government to have long term contracts for medicine to be supplied to hospitals so that there is no shortage of medication?
Is it so hard for the government to improve the conditions of hospitals and their equipment?
This is the only way it can work…

How can medical practitioners contribute to this whole conversation?
1.)Be diligent with their work.Follow all medical protocol as should be.
2.)Be honest with patients who visit the healthcare facilities.No need to lie that there are enough beds even when they are no for instance.
3.)Be empathetic.Know the difference between an emergency medical situation and an ordinary medical situation.Don’t let patients die at your watch due to you being ignorant about their situation.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Lastly,do charity organizations have any role to play?

Yes they do.Little things such as visiting hospitals and donating blankets,toiletries and other basic necessities which they do can go a long way too.

They can also volunteer at hospitals and offer help when there is a shortage of staff.But as they are not qualified in this field,they may only help with simple things.But how far does this go?In a healthcare situation solutions should be long term.

Well what are you waiting for?
Get to performing your role in this conversation already.

As promised here are the links to the health insurance suggestion:



ION:Thank you to everyone that contributed towards the writing of this piece.I am truly grateful.

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Health is Wealth – Part 1

Can you imagine a nation without proper health care?

Well,don’t even think about it.It wouldn’t be a great thing to imagine.

What exactly is healthcare?
According to Wikipedia,it is the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, especially through the provision of medical services.

Do you think as an individual you are getting proper health care?

When is the last time you fell sick and went to a hospital?
What was the standard of the hospital you went to?
Was it of the best quality?
Were you satisfied?
Does it fit the description above of a facility offering healthcare services?

I have had the chance to visit both public and private hospitals in Kenya and am sure most people have as well.But the question is,
Do you think it is fair for those who do not have enough money or even insurance deserve to get some of the poor healthcare services they get?
I’m not trying to say that they always get poor services,but for the number of times they actually do,should things really be that way?

Just recently as a country (Kenya) we had a doctors strike that lasted not for a short time but for an unbearably long time.

Did you ever stop for a minute to think about what a huge crisis this was?

As if that is not enough, I have personally gone to see a doctor and had a few medicines prescribed but on reaching the pharmacy I am told that they are out of stock for sometime.Okay so…

What I’m I supposed to do exactly now that the medicine is not available?Tell my sickness to hold on?

 I know its not the pharmacists fault but whose fault is it then?As if that is not enough,some of the public hospitals in Kenya lack enough beds to handle all the patients that visit them.

Or should I say that they overbook patients?

Or maybe the facilities aren’t just enough for all of us as citizens.

Or is it now just a habit to offer Substandard treatment to the sick?

Is this really what we should be getting??

So what really is the solution to all this?What can you do as an individual?

Do charity organizations have a role to play in all this?Or should they now have one?

To be continued…


Piece by: Junior and Melanie Hapisu