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7 Tips to Help you Work from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s always that little voice that tells you to go back to bed for “JUST 5 MINUTES” or “YOU DESERVE THE REST” when you need to work, and there are times it gets even louder when you’re working from home. So what can you do to get through working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • Get dressed if you have to 

It’s probably been so hard to work in your PJ’s, trust me I know. So get up, shower and dress up like you would when going to work. You will be shocked what a great impact this will have on your brain’s working mood.

  • Get a designated working space 

Ensure that you have an official space you call ‘your office’ even if it’s a certain position on the couch.

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  • Have a schedule 

Ensure that you maintain regular hours. Working hours are probably between 8-5pm or 9-4pm or otherwise. It all depends on your employer. Stick to that if you can. In case you are unable to, come up with a to do list everyday with critical tasks you need to get done by the end of a specific day. This will motivate you to work even harder as you will be celebrating your achievements as you tick off each task that has been completed from the list.

  • Plan ahead

Ensure you have some time to plan your week over the weekend, just so that you know what you’re doing every day of the week. Just in case any additional tasks come up during the week, you are able to plan yourself well or change things if you have to, based on how much work you have to do on a certain day.

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  • Schedule breaks 

Your mind is probably on holiday mode, yes. So take it easy. Don’t just kill yourself working, take a break too sometimes. 

  • Discover your high productivity periods

Are you more productive in the morning, afternoon, evening or late at night? Now that your working from home, you have the freedom to decide when you will get your work done based on when you have the most energy.

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  • Use professional communication tools

Rather than using WhatsApp to communicate, use tools such as slack, Skype for business etc to avoid the temptation of getting lost in chats with friends, family members and colleagues on WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and other social platforms.

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