Being in a different Career Space as a young person – With Liz

Are you pursuing a career that people consider normal? Or do people consider your career different or unique or abnormal? Does it get to you when people don’t give your career space the respect it deserves just because they didn’t know it exists, or they could care less?

Well, worry no more. You’re definitely not alone. Meet Liz, a friend of mine who I interviewed around her being in a “Different career space as a young person”. Enjoy.

Let’s get started……

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The world is currently facing an unprecedented challenge that is COVID-19 and this has affected our communities socially and economically. Nevertheless, people have leveraged the power of the internet and marketing to achieve great goals such as providing for the most vulnerable among-st us.  

Being one of the founder’s of a community based in Nairobi (Generation Why Community Based Organization), one of the things I really wondered when this whole pandemic began was, “Who is going to provide for the kids in children’s homes especially if they do not have constant donors?” It is with this in mind that we as Generation Why began a campaign to raise funds to provide for the children’s homes we work with.

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How to Become the Ultimate Digital Marketer

So many people call themselves digital marketers just because they sell/post something online. However, is this what really makes one a digital marketer? Well, the answer is NO it’s not. On Monday 4th May 2020, I had the honor of being a part of this conversation as the special guest on the iSpeakAfricaChat.

Feel free to drop your comments after reading this.Here is a bit of how the conversation went :

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What Can a Brand Leverage on to grow online?

Are you finding it hard to break through the online success for your brand? With so many brand’s going digital, it’s very easy to find yourself doing a lot of talking online, but not see any growth from it. I had the honor of sharing some great tips & insights around : How to grow a brand online on Wednesday 6th May 2020 thanks to Africa Tweet Chat.

Feel free to drop your comments after reading this.Here is a bit of how the conversation went :

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COVID-19 Resources

7 Tips to Help you Work from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic

There’s always that little voice that tells you to go back to bed for “JUST 5 MINUTES” or “YOU DESERVE THE REST” when you need to work, and there are times it gets even louder when you’re working from home. So what can you do to get through working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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COVID-19 Resources

How to prepare for a virtual interview

Believe it or not, there are very many companies that are still hiring despite COVID-19, so if you are still looking for a job, don’t stop making your application’s.

Wondering how interviews are now being conducted? It’s pretty obvious, most businesses have moved online, which means interviews are being conducted virtually. 

So what exactly do you need to do to prepare for a virtual interview & succeed while at it.

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COVID-19 Resources

Tools and resources for working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

A few weeks ago, I shared a post on my LinkedIn profile……around how prepared are we as a country (Kenya) for some of the changes that will have to be made in different industries thanks to Corona-virus.

It was quite shocking how as soon as the first case was announced, everything changed so fast and some people had to close shop simply because :

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COVID-19 Resources

How to stay sane throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s day twenty one, 

21 days since I left the house & trust me I didn’t even think it could get this far. It all started as a joke on one Sunday morning when I couldn’t go to church because the 1st COVID-19 case had just been identified in Kenya. That’s when the counting began, day 1, day 2, day 3… 

To be honest, initially it was fun to count how many days it’s been. I mean everyone was busy updating each other on social media what day of “quarantine” they were on. However, as time went by, it stopped being fun to count.

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Managing People: Working with Millennials

By 2020, Millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. Research says Millennials work as hard, if not harder than other generations, and are optimistic about their careers. But why do Employers find it hard to work with them? Why do this same employers view millennials as entitled? In my opinion, they view us millennials like this because we beat the traditional way of doing things. I mean small things like asking questions when we do not understand, rather that going to kill ourselves discovering, being able to say no when we have the right to among many other scenarios.

Tokeo la picha la mistakes when working with millenials
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Young Women in M.I.C.E

In the past few years, the MICE industry has gained popularity worldwide, owing to the increase in the frequency of the various events and meetings being organized globally, and Kenya has not been left behind.

At first, the majority of the people involved in this industry were mostly older people, however, at the moment we continue to see young people slowly getting in the event zone. Young people are now being involved as speakers, suppliers, moderators, exhibitors and among others. Over the past few years, Kenya has successfully hosted International meetings, conferences and exhibitions. According to Statistics by the Events Industry Council, the Tourism Industry is the largest employer of persons between 18 and 35 across the world. It is estimated that out of 10 persons within these age bracket, one of them works or has worked at a Tourism affiliated organization.

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